Why you’re still not getting the results you want

Have you been feeling like your just not making progress? You have been putting in the effort in the gym, you have been watching your food and still… minimal to no changes are being made?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. There are so many factors that play a role in your transformation and unfortunately sometimes, its just not as simple as exercising and cleaning up your diet. So to make sure your doing absolutely everything you can to get yourself results, lets double check your doing all the right things to maximise your results.

1. Sleep.

Sleep plays a major role in our life, however unfortunately it is so often over looked. We live in a world where more productivity and less sleep is required and asked of us. It’s easy to fall into that pressure of putting our work first and sleep second but lack of quality sleep, literally effects everything. Our mood, energy levels, cravings, ability to loose fat, concentration, fluid retention, cortisol levels and ability to recover.

Firstly, we need to make sure not only that we are getting 7 hours minimum, but also a QUALITY 7 hours. There is a difference to this and can make or break your fitness journey.

How to overcome this?
  • Download a sleep application to monitor your sleep and hold you accountable
  • Get off your phone! We all know by now that the lights keep us awake so try putting your phone to bed an hour before you do!
  • Warm tea before bed and a magnesium supplement will set you up for a restful sleep
  • Eat a few hours prior to jumping into bed. Going to bed on a full stomach isn’t ideal for the fat loss journey anyway but as for the sleep itself, it distracts the body from resting and allowing you to fall sleep as its still working to digest food

2. Stress.

What our mind experiences, our body will follow. If you have some personal issues going on, maybe you have lots to do with work, whatever it may be, if your mind is not in a calm steady state, our hormones and cortisol levels can cop a beating. Throw training and a change in diet on top of that and sometimes you can send the body backwards. Ever seen someone start a fitness challenge and instead of getting fit and loosing fat they actually gain weight? This is often a valid reason as to why. Although our intentions may be right and our motivation at an all time high, it is important we don’t go too extreme too early. Give your body and mind the time to adapt to your new regime.

How to Overcome this?
  • Make sure your in the right mind frame to begin your journey in the first place
  • Try taking a few days off the gym, try switching your intense training to a walk, yoga or swimming
  • Try downloading a mediation app to help you relax and create a healthy habit out of it
  • Get a massage, acupuncture or head to a chiropractor. Whichever practitioner you feel works best with you, it is important we give back to our body from time to time to help it recover and repair.

3. Diet.

Ironically enough, whether you’re eating in a surplus or too big a deficit, the body will react in the same way. Sometimes it may be hard to know if you’re eating the right amount of calories so you need to either get a coach who is qualified or you will need to be doing lots of trial and error with yourself.

The lower your calories does not mean more results, in fact, if you drop them too low too quickly going to have no where to drop them too in another few weeks time. Remember, finding your ideal calories takes time and experience and what works for your best friend may not work for you.

How to overcome this?
  • Invest in a coach. What price are you going to put on your health?Once you take the time and effort to learn what works for your body you will be able to take that with you every day for the rest of your life.
  • Download a calorie tracker so you can get a true estimate as to how many calories your actually consuming
  • Take a few days off calculating or worrying about your diet. Reset and come back to it.