How to stay on track with Injuries & Illness

I tore the ligaments in my ankle…

and now this is the longest time I have been away from the gym in 5 years.

Sunday night I was ready for a productive week ahead. I took the weekend off training and was keen to get back into it fresh on Monday. On my way home from the gym, I was rushing through the door (standard Milla) with my keys, gym bag and phone in hand and tripped down the stairs resulting in rolling my ankle. 

I jumped up straight away and knew it wasn’t good. I couldn’t weight bare on my ankle and within minutes I was black and blue and swollen with a cankle! I realised pretty quickly I couldn’t move.

Hopping around the place was even too painful, so getting in the car was not an option. So the ambulance was called and I was saved by the green whistle and morphine. I was on heavy pain killers all day and was released late at night to go back home for bed rest. Turns out I tore the ligaments in my ankle and I am unable to weight bare for 2 weeks. No training for 4-6. The good news is, I don’t need surgery. Had I needed that and it would have been 6 weeks no weight bearing and 12 weeks until training! I thanked my lucky stars for that one. 

As always, I try to see the positives in this. Lessons that can be learnt and shared and I am always up for a challenge so bring it on. 

Injuries are common and are always going to be a part of our lives. It’s how you manage them that matters. So often I hear about people cancelling their gym memberships, cancelling their personal trainer as a result of an injury. You’re already taking a few steps back, why make it worse? 

I want to show you and teach you what you CAN do in a time like this where you may be injured or limited in any way. Obviously if you have a serious injury you need complete rest. However I’m talking to the people who have injuries like myself, who are healthy otherwise and are looking for ways to stay on track during this down time. 

In the first week I have been on complete bed rest. My steps have gone from an average of 10-15k per day to now a whopping 800. I went from training 6 days a week, keeping calories under 2000, weight training like a beast to sedentary. In the first 6 days.. I lost 1 kilo.

Maybe you have an injury or a surgery coming up, perhaps you don’t but are struggling to lose weight. The below points will help you regardless of your situation. Injury or not anyone can take on board these points and implement them into your routine. 

So how did I lose a kg in a week without training?
  1. Nutrition as always.
    This week has reminded me again that if you want fat loss, nutrition really is the basis of body composition and it can be done without training at all.

    Training can actually make losing fat harder. Why? Because you are expending more energy and therefore will be hungrier. I have gone from checking the clock until my next meal, eating 4-5 times a day, to now be satisfied with 3 meals and no snacks in between.
  2. No Training
    This might sound a little odd but sometimes training can be our worlds worst enemy when it comes to fat loss. Shock, how so? When we are training hard we are obviously expending more energy. More energy output calls for more energy input. It is hard to stay on track the hungrier we get and thats why alot of people tend to actually put on weight when they first start training rather than lose. They realise they are more hungry and are thinking about food much more frequently than when they were sedentary or less active.Not only that. Again, training is great for the body but also a stressor too. When the body is trying to repair muscles and recover, we often hold onto fluid retention as a way to enable the recovery process and protect us. Exercising is great, but we weren’t necessarily built to be lifting max weight multiple times a week in all different positions. Again, don’t get me wrong exercise is great, but rest is also just as important.For the first time in a year, I had a full week in bed. It has done absolute wonders for my energy levels. I had glandualr fever previously to this also, so it was about time I took the rest I needed. (or was forced too). Resting allowed my body to recover, decrease cortisol levels and catch up on much needed sleep all resulting in reducing my overall weight. Im sure staying away from lifting has also played a part in this as my muscles have softened too.
  3. Water
    If im honest, I am pretty slack with my water intake and struggle to hit my daily target. However this week I made it a priority and feel as if this also played apart in reducing the bloating from the medication and lack of movement.
  4. I ate only easy to digest foods.
    I was very strict on this. I ate things like soup, mashed potato, protein shakes, omelettes and towards the end of the week, seafood. This was a life saver. You don’t need anything heavy in your stomach while your sedentary. I was having massive bowls of soup, eating higher carbohydrates than I normally do and still managed to drop weight. I cut oats too. I am reluctant to share this because I know how much people preach oats but as much as I love them too… I honestly believe when I cut them out of my diet I tighten up. I have trialled this multiple times and as much as I wish I wasn’t right, I am. They sit heavy in my stomach, I feel sluggish and tired after consuming them and taking them out really stabilizes my energy levels. This could just be a personal thing but it’s worth a try! I will still have them in my week however just not every day from now on.
  5. Anti Bloating Pills From EHP & a Pro Bitoic
    I took these in the morning and night daily to help with the medication. There is nothing worse then cramps and bloating from hard medication, so I found this really helped me.It takes something to be taken from us to appreciate it. Simple things I never gave a second thought about like getting out of bed in the morning, driving, walking, grocery shopping, training, getting up stairs .. is now an issue. If not, impossible.

All my goals all year have been about gaining this amount, losing that. Lifting a certain weight, running a certain distance. Now it is simply, getting back on my two feet and being able to walk. Thats pulled me right back to earth that’s for sure.

I know this sounds cliche but life as you know it can change in a split second. One day you can be doing you, complaining about not being able to use the machine at the gym you want.. the next.. you can’t get out of bed on your own let alone drive to the gym. Appreciate what you have.. I know I am 🏽 2019 the year of lessons and tests for me.

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