My mission is to transform your life through health and fitness, just as it did mine.

I am passionate about working with my girls towards building confidence and happiness within yourself, that will not only transform your body, but will also teach you qualities that can be carried into all other aspects of your life. I coach in a way that empowers you to work smarter, not harder.

Keeping fit whilst maintaining a balanced lifestyle has always been a priority of mine and I am about to teach you how to make it yours.

Build your Body from the Base to a Pro.


Be challenged through this 4 week Non-Gym Based Workout. Check-in with Milla personally and track your macros with the inbuilt calorie counter feature.


Learn how to train from the basics to a pro with all 3 phases included. Build your base, Build your Shape, followed by the cut to reveal all your week of work.


For anyone wanting one on one coaching with Milla. If you have specific goals or are wanting to take your body to the next level, custom your training & nutrition now!


Training Plans

Catering to all fitness levels with 2 levels of programs to choose from. Weekly challenges, video tutorials for all exercises and detailed explanations for each.

Customise Your Own Meal Plan

With the option to choose to follow a standard meal plan guide or personalised macros, you will be able to drag and drop meals from my database of recipes into your day. With our very own built in macro and calorie counter, select the foods you like and learn to understand how to build a meal plan to hit your targets.

Cardio Challenges

My goal is to shift your focus from burning calories & counting reps to performance and beating your own personal bests. Through my weekly cardio challenges you will record, re-test and compete against your own times as you watch yourself improve and adapt.


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Have you ever wondered if, with the right tools, you could become a fitness model yourself?

This e-book answers all the questions you may have in regards to what it takes to step onto stage as a bikini model. I take my 6 years of experience as a WBFF Bikini Model Pro and have created something that will enable you to understand the sport and what it really entails.

I cover all things from ‘Who can compete’, to what to expect, how to deal with the preparation of a show and how much this is all going to cost you.

Coaching you to a better relationship with food & yourself

Learn to create healthy daily habits, develop a great relationship with food and learn how to Build a Body you love without giving up your lifestyle.